Landcruiser/Jeep or Van? The best option for a Kenya Safari

When choosing between a Jeep or van for your transportation during a Kenya safari, it is important to pick the option that suits your travel needs.

In the planning stages of your safari, you will have to pick between a Jeep/Landcruiser or van to facilitate your movement from one safari destination to the other. Knowing what to expect with each option will get you started on making proper arrangements.

Similar to a Landcruiser/Jeep, a van is modified and equipped with special accessories that increase its capability and functionality in off-road driving. This makes a van as good as a Jeep for facilitating your Kenya safari. Either of the transportation options can also carry a good number of people during safari. However, cost differences and having a higher level of comfort set the Jeep above the van as the suitable option in most Kenyan safaris.

Cost Difference

Hiring a jeep costs more than a van. While a van might cost you approximately $150 per day, hiring a Jeep would cost you upwards of $200 for the same duration. Factors including the prevailing safari season result in a high or lower cost of hiring a land cruiser over a van. To get an accurate quote, it is best to inquire about the cost of having either a jeep or van to facilitate your Kenya safari for the season when you will be travelling. A professional tour operator in Kenya will give you an accurate quote for a Jeep or van for the period of your travel.

Comfort during travel

A lot goes into making a safari vehicle comfortable during your Kenya safari. The level of maintenance and features added to the vehicle all contribute to the level of comfort you get. However, a Jeep is relatively spacious and comfortable for a Kenya safari. While standing to view wildlife from the pop-up roof, you are assured of getting a better viewing experience than the pop-up roof of a van. The superior features of the Jeep also make it better suited to handle off-read driving conditions compared to the van. For example, a safari Jeep would perform exceptionally well when off-roading in destinations like the Nairobi National Park., Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo and Samburu.

When using a Jeep during the rainy season, you also have less to worry about getting stuck in muddy terrain. You will have more time to focus on spotting the wildlife and appreciating the attractive landscape in Kenya’s top safari destinations.

So, if you’re looking for superior safari vehicle performance and experience when on a Kenya safari, go for a Landcruiser/Land Rover/Jeep. If you are also looking for higher comfort during your safari, go for the Jeep. But if you are operating on a budget, a van will do. You might have to sacrifice a bit on the features that come with the Jeep, but you are assured of creating a memorable Kenya safari experience.

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