Best Destinations for a Wildlife Viewing Kenya Safari

When it comes to having a memorable wildlife viewing experience on a Kenya Safari, your choice of the safari destinations to visit can make all the difference. A visit to the top wildlife viewing destinations in Kenya guarantees you a great show as you explore the wild with an experienced driver/guide. Each of the safariContinue reading “Best Destinations for a Wildlife Viewing Kenya Safari”

Items to pack for your Kenya Safari

Making the decision of what to pack for your Kenya safari can be a challenge. There is a limit to the weight you can carry on your flight or road safari, while you also need to carry all the important itmes to make your Kenya Safari comfortable. To strike a balance and have all youContinue reading “Items to pack for your Kenya Safari”

Best Time to Safari in Kenya

Kenya offers some of the best safari experiences all year round. As one of the leading safari countries in Africa, it is home to several tour destinations that host large populations of wildlife. The several safari destinations teeming with wildlife, beautiful Coastal beaches and conducive weather, make it correct to say that Kenya is openContinue reading “Best Time to Safari in Kenya”

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