Best Time to Safari in Kenya

Mombasa Beachers

Kenya offers some of the best safari experiences all year round. As one of the leading safari countries in Africa, it is home to several tour destinations that host large populations of wildlife. The several safari destinations teeming with wildlife, beautiful Coastal beaches and conducive weather, make it correct to say that Kenya is open for safaris throughout the year.

One of the popular places is the Masai Mara, which is home to the Big Five animals, hundreds of different bird species and host of the annual wildebeest migration. Other destinations include the Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Samburu National Reserve and the Nairobi National Park, all of which have made their mark as top wildlife safari destinations in the world map.

Whichever your choice of destination, a carefully customised itinerary can guarantee a memorable experience as you travel to Kenya throughout the year.

Whether you intend to travel during the high season, low season or Peak Season, you will get a package that is suitable for you.

Dry Season

Traveling to Kenya during the dry season makes it easy to move from safari destination as covered in your safari itinerary. Large herds of animals gather around watering holes, where they can get a relief from the tropical sun. This makes the dry months the most suitable for easy movement and highest chances of spotting the big game during your safari in Kenya.

Wet Season

The wet season usually has high levels of rainfall, which leads to the closure of some safari properties in Kenya. Lodges that are in areas experiencing high rainfall are usually closed during the wet months. This makes safaris during the wet season less popular among safari goers.

The Best Time to Safari in Kenya

To pick the best time on safari in Kenya, you can choose to spend less by getting low rates during the low season. On this option, you might have to deal with wet conditions while on safari. The dry season is the alternative option, which offers the best game watching experiences. The downside of going for a safari during the dry season is being among sizeable crowds of other visitors who are enthusiastic about traveling in the same season.

Consider your travel needs such as budget, time constraints that might affect your ability to travel to Kenya and have a memorable safari. Then pick a season that aligns with your needs.