How Much It Will Cost You to Visit Nairobi National Park

The cost of visiting Nairobi National Park is $195 per person, based on two people sharing the game drive experience. No additional costs or hidden fees.

1 person USD 295
2 peopleUSD 195 per person
3+ peopleUSD 190 per person

*Children up to 3 years – Free

**Children 3+ years 75% Adult rate

The price of $195 for the Nairobi National Park game drive is for a private safari in the park, which means you will not share any portions of the game drive with another tourist. To see what is included and excluded from the cost

Check package details

It always sounds great to have a deal on a safari package that allows saving some money. But having a clear idea of what you are getting in return for the cost of the package is the best way of getting value for your money. The cost of a Nairobi National Park tour varies based on, among other factors, whether you choose a private or shared tour and the transportation option you choose to have during the game drive. In the following sections, we give you a breakdown of how different options in the game drive add to the final price you pay for a tour of the Nairobi National Park.

Park Entrance Fees

Citizens, residents and non-residents pay different entrance fees to the Nairobi National Park. For non-residents visiting the park, making sure that the park entry fee is included in the total cost of your game drive is one way to ensure that you know exactly how much you will end up paying for your visit to Nairobi National Park. If the entrance fees are excluded from the total cost of your package, it means you have to pay the fees yourself before entering the park. In this case, the initial rate might seem lower, but you eventually pay the standard or higher rate. An all-inclusive package for citizens, residents and non-residents factors in the entrance fees and ensures you don’t have to pay extra for park entrance fees. The rate you see advertised is the one you eventually pay for your game drive Safari.

Discounts and Special Offers

Special offers and discounts can lower the cost of visiting Nairobi National Park. Occasional discounts offered to new and repeat clients are an opportunity to save on the advertised rate for Nairobi park tours. Though not predictable how often offers and discounts will be available in the market, it is great a way to explore Nairobi National Park for the best rate in the market.

Accommodation Before or At the End Of The Tour

If you plan to add accommodation before and/or after the game drive to your Nairobi National Park tour, it will add to the total amount you pay for the safari. We can arrange for your accommodation before and after the game drive at an extra cost. As this is an optional service, it is not added to the cost of the package as advertised. You can request us to book your accommodation when booking the game drive and you will have the guarantee of comfortable and easily accessible hotels and lodges near Nairobi National Park. Discounted offers on mid-range accommodation will get you started on a great experience exploring Kenya’s wildlife in the Nairobi National Park.

Selected Transportation Option

In a recent post, we compared having a 4×4 van or jeep as your mode of transportation while on safari. It was clear that the option you choose depends on your preferences and either of the vehicles can give you a rewarding experience in the park. A Van will cost you less than a Jeep for a Nairobi National Park safari, but the jeep will give you a superior wildlife viewing experience while on the game drive. Get in touch with us for advice on the best transportation option to have during your game drive.

Booking Tips and Recommendations

Booking the Nairobi National Park game drive on your own is always an option, but with it comes the task of ensuring you put together a detailed plan of how to have a rewarding Nairobi National Park game drive experience. On the other hand, letting us book your game drive is an opportunity to relax and let us do the heavy lifting. We handle the logistics to ensure you get time to enjoy the game drive. Our professional and experienced driver guide will ensure you visit the best locations for game viewing in the park and share memorable insights about the park and its attractions. All this is included in the rate. If you are considering booking this 5-hour Nairobi National Park game drive safari, we can offer you the best service. But don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our past clients have to say about our services

Testimonials for the Nairobi National Park Tour

Kenya Adventure Tours were great hosts. They customized the plan according to my timing and needs. They were flexible in arranging the tour with little notice. Overall a great experience and will use the service again in future.


FAQs About Visiting the Nairobi National Park

Can I book the Nairobi National Park tour on short notice?

Yes. You can book the game drive on short notice. We can arrange your tour up to 12 hours before the tour begins, with no extra charges to the advertised rate.

How much time do I need for a Nairobi National Park?

The 5 hours set for the Nairobi National Park game drive will give you enough time to explore the highlights and attractions of Nairobi National Park. Our experienced driver-guide will make use of his expertise by guiding you to the best game-viewing locations in the park and ensuring you experience the highlights of your game drive during the duration of the tour.

How much is the cost of hiring a tour van for Nairobi National Park?

The cost of hiring a tour van for your Nairobi National Park game drive is included in the $190 per person rate we charge for the game drive package. The rate includes vehicle park entrance fees, driver/guide allowance, and all other costs related to transportation. This means you don’t have to make separate costs for a 4×4 transportation used during your game drive.

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