About us

We are a tour operator specializing in customized safari experiences that cover the top safari destinations in Kenya. Since our establishment in 2014, we have been delivering personalized and immersive safari experiences that capture the authentic Kenyan experience, while creating pleasant memories that last a lifetime.

We understand that your travel interests are unique. To ensure we provide services fit for you, out team team of seasoned Kenya safari consultants will customize a safari that meets your preferences.

We work with reputable partners in the Kenya safari industry to bring your safari dreams to life.

We are also committed to responsible and sustainable tourism practices. In all our trips, we collaborate with local partners and communities to ensure that your safari contributes to the preservation of Kenya’s diverse cultures and natural heritage. We have established partnerships with eco-friendly lodges, professional safari guides, and conservation initiatives and programmers across Kenya.

Whether you are a seasoned safari enthusiast or planning your first Kenya Safari, Join us on an Kenya Safari expedition that goes beyond the ordinary, where your safari will be a memorable experience, and the spirit of Africa comes to life in every step of your safari.

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