Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. It has the Nairobi National Park a few minutes from the central business district. Nairobi is a popular starting point for safaris to most of other safari destinations around the country. From the city, you can easily access most of the northern and southern safaris circuits. As a major business hub of the East Africa region, Nairobi hosts local and international organizations and banks and has efficient transportation networks for ease of movement. If you are in Nairobi and would like to spend a day out experiencing the best of Nairobi safaris, you can consider the Nairobi National Park half-day safari, Visit to the elephant Orphanage, Bomas of Kenya tour or a tour of the main shopping locations in the city.

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  • Best Time to Safari in Kenya

    Mombasa Beachers

    Kenya offers some of the best safari experiences all year round. As one of the leading safari countries in Africa, it is home to several tour destinations that host large populations of wildlife. The several safari destinations teeming with wildlife, beautiful Coastal beaches and conducive weather, make it correct to say that Kenya is open …