Items to pack for your Kenya Safari

Making the decision of what to pack for your Kenya safari can be a challenge. There is a limit to the weight you can carry on your flight or road safari, while you also need to carry all the important itmes to make your Kenya Safari comfortable.

To strike a balance and have all you need during the safari, you can start by considering the number of days you will be on safari and the nature of activities you intend to engage in. If, for example, you’re packing for a safari that includes a hiking experience, make sure to carry shoes and clothing that are suitable for the specific activity in the tour. This can increase the weight of your package, but its what you need to make your safari comfortable. It might also be that you will spend much of your time in the safari vehicle and hotel/lodges. This allows you to pack light clothing that will reduce the weight of your package.

As you plan and pack for your Kenya safari, here is a [short] list of the important items you should carry for your safari. As a basic list of items, you can add more according to your needs.

  • Dull colour clothing to help you blend in with the safari environment. This includes clothing to keep warm during early morning and evening gamedrives.
  • Sunscreen and polarised sunglasses. To ensure you are comfortable and protected from the sun while in the outdoors. Carry along sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn.
  • Face masks and sanitizers. The Covid restrictions and containment measures in Kenya require people in public to wear masks. Ensure you carry and wear masks when in company during your Kenya safari.
  • Camera, binnoculars, memory cards and chargers. To ensure you retain the memories of your time on safari, don’t forget to carry along the gadgets that capture the moments. If you prefer using your phone camera over a DSLR camera, it can work and will prove a cheaper option. Binnoculars for each person on safari will also be a good idea to avoid missing out on experiences when sharing.
  • Medication. Incase you are on prescription medicine, it would be a good idea to carry along your medication.

If you forget to pack any other essential items such as toiletries and similar items of personal nature, there is no need to worry. You can purchase the items you need from any of the retail outlets available in Nairobi.

To get started in planning your Kenya safari and get assistance on booking, get in touch.

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